Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final 5 Images and Explanations

This image is was taken when you first enter the valley-like structure that is Stephen Hawkings. I used the fluorescent colours and a night-time setting to represent the creativity behind Stephen's ideas and theories.

This image was taken further up the constant ramp in Hawkings' complex. I used two massive pillar like walls in either side to give a focused view onto the nightsky and stars, in turn, Hawkings' accomplishments in Cosmology.

This image is showing the Charles Darwin structure. I tended to use more developing ways of designing this structure and thought he should be around nature, due to my quote and his ideas. Therefore, i added some animals like birds and chickens etc and surrounded the structure with water.

Another image of Darwins' structure.

The meeting place. It is surrounded by nature and also the dark night sky. Even better it has a blackboard for the two to discuss theories and ideas.


In relation to my ElectroLiquid Aggregation, "In the struggle for survival, the fittest, and most intelligent, win out at the expense of their rivals because they are the most capable of adapting to change" we see the changing colours in the light with Hawkings' structure and the ability to still work and adapt to that situation.

You may have also noticed this structure is built into a mountainous terrain. This constant growing and change of the earths structure, plays a part on the built structure. Therefore, it must be able to adapt, or it will not survive.

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